Protection Medical Insurance

For the successful future of your company, in addition to a highly qualified team you also need a capable team that may value the cares you take. This means planning of expenses for healthy, motivated and productive employees.

Protection Medical Insurance gives you the opportunity for high investments in the health of your employees at exceptionally beneficial price and minimum administrative burden.

Protection Medical Insurance is a wonderful social benefit for your employees that will improve the loyalty and motivation and the overall performance of your team.
What cover does the insurance offer?

Prophylaxis and prevention against disease – it comprises health protection and early disease detection services

Outpatient care – it comprises primary and repeated examinations and tests by a physician at your choice in outpatient conditions

Hospital care – it comprises diagnostics and treatment of insured persons in clinics and wards of multi-profile and specialized hospitals of active treatment, manipulations and operations

Comfort – it comprises full scope of medical services related to additional cares for the patients at home and in hospital conditions for the purposes of accelerating the recovery process

Reimbursement of expenses – it gives the opportunity for reimbursement of expenses incurred for medical services, purchase of medicines, aids and medical devices

Dental care – it provides services related to the control of the mouth cavity condition. In case of treatment, the insured person can use therapeutic and surgical dental services

These packages are offered in three options: minimum, extended and luxury.
Why should I insure with Generali?

Unquestionable advantages of the Generali Insurance medical insurance for the employer:

Personal care and attention
Cheap way to get quick and timely medical care
Clear regulation for the use of the service

Our own medical dental center*
Well-developed branch network and professional partnership attitude

For the insured persons:

The service saves precious time for the active person
Ensures direct and quick access to physicians – specialists countrywide
Comprises medical assistance, without additional charges for the insured person

* Generali Zakrila Medical Dental Center OOD is a healthcare establishment for specialized outpatient medical care intended for protection, recovery and improvement of the patients’ health. The center has 30 surgeries equipped with modern medical devices.